Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Colors Just in Time for a Neat Digital Frame/Printer from Sony

sunny Jessica

It is so much fun going for a walk and playing in the leaves on a beautiful fall day. Have you camera ready because the colors and lighting are fantastic during this time of year! I am always just a little careful of dust and debris that might get into my lens especially if we are having a leaf fight. Nothing that a lens cover or a piece of plastic wrap and elastic band wont cure!

the leaf


Check out these portable Sony Digital Photo Frame/Printers! It prints gorgeous 4X6 photos right at your scrapbooking station. You can take even take it easily with you to crops!  It is really kind of cool!

Sony is offering Canadian Scrapbooker Readers an awesome opportunity – take advantage of these coupons to get your Frame/Printer and printer paper today!

Visit Sony for all the details!  Click HERE to get started!






Have fun taking some pictures today and enjoy making some MEMORIES!



Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dare to LIVE!!!

Dare to live!11This Thanksgiving weekend we had beautiful weather which meant it was a wonderful time to take some photographs outside. We gathered up the gang and headed to the river. I caught this shot as Ashley and Kurt were having a fun time being silly. I used the shadow in the picture as a reference point because I wanted people to see how high Ashley can jump! The shadow adds a nice dramatic layer to my picture. I had a chance to play with Rhonna Farrer's Super Comic Digital set from Rhonna Designs.  It was super fun… Because I LOVE COMICS!
Go Check out the blog today because the Creative Team has some pretty neat things on there and Rhonna is giving a printable away. Pretty sweet!
{Rhonna Designs}

Have a SUPER Day and Remember...
Dare to Live!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gotta Luv Rhonna Designs……Oh, and BEARS!

Sunshine Bear1a

I have been having SO much fun playing with the digital elements created by Rhonna Farrer. You can find all of her work at Rhonna Designs.  I have to admit I am really quite new to the digital world. I LOVE taking pictures…….ASK MY POOR FAMILY!!!!! However, I am a beginner in the world of Digital Scrapbooking! So when I was asked by Rhonna to be part of her design team I was both thrilled and terrified! I can edit a picture with no problem, but to use digital element in new and different ways……..well, lets just say, I am learning! Rhonna is wonderful though! Her work is amazing and she really is so 'inspiring'! So, it has been a pleasure to learn and create in this digital world!

I had fun this summer taking THOUSANDS of new pictures. When we went to Waterton and were camping within two days we happened upon 15 bears! Imagine that! They were all so calm and peaceful. Just eating berries and minding their own business! For the above picture I used the Honey Comb Pieces Kit from Rhonna Designs. You really have to check out her lovely shop.

Honeycomb Pieces Kit

This bear that I happened upon below was a little older then the one I I found above. He was happy munching on some Saskatoon berries. These pictures weren't taken too far from our campsite but the bears never bothered us. They were more then happy with their berries!

Oh, just to let you know.. I used I 20x zoom lens to get this shot and I was inside a vehicle parked in a parking lot! I really believe bears are safe at a distance, but like anyone or anything, they want a little privacy and respect. We all have BAD days. They are wild creatures. DON"T approach animals just to get a GOOD shot even if they look like a teddy bear.


Also, too let you know…… I am having a MyMemories Suite giveaway over on my other blog- {mysweetearth} this week-end.



                           So make sure to check it out.




Also I have been given a code- STMMMS48037

If you use it you get a $10 discount on the purchase of the My Memories Suite v2 scrapbook software. (Software also comes with a $10 coupon for downloads-a total value of $20!)



Monday, August 15, 2011

Have Fun With a Little Photo Editing.

Music for the soul

Computers, editing software, filters, and programs make it so easy and fun to alter photographs that you take. The other evening, all of a sudden I announced to the kiddos that the sun was fantastic so we were going to grab the guitar and head to the coulees. Well, they knew that I never leave home without my camera. The sun setting over the golden grasses gave me the perfect backdrop to take some pictures of my kiddos. When we got home I was thrilled by the photographs that I had captured and so with a select few pictures uploaded, I started to edit them.

I first use Adobe Photoshop CS5 to enhance the clarity and sharpness of my photo. Corel is a good program to use too. I like to shoot on an angle looking up so that the background behind my subject is often as neutral as possible. I can play with that blank space behind the subject. I love using my Bamboo drawing pad from Wacom to doodle on my photos.   image



If you don't have a tablet you can visit website where you can download fun brushes and overlays that you can use to  decorate your images.


Here are some next sites that you can check out:


                                   image         Vol.25


                  Brusheezy                                        Photoshop Brushes






Take advantage of the beautiful colors over the next few weeks and then try some editing!

Have a some fun creating!



Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Colors

Summer Poppy

bird house flowers

Brick Plant


Whether you are taking macro photographs or landscape shots, summer is the perfect time to take advantage of all the gorgeous colors. There are so many rich hues in everything and very little photo editing is needed because there is such an intense natural color saturation taking place. It really is a delight to take out the camera and absorb natures palette all around!

See how you can play with nature's colors today!

Happy shooting,


Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Rich Colors of a Summer Day.

The Cow (2)1

Baby cows

During the summer months it is a fantastic time to take advantage of the fantastic colors and natural lighting that is available. If you go for a drive in the country, the fresh green grasses and the wonderful blue sky make a wonderful backdrop for for any photo opportunities. My family tends to make fun of me, but I love to take pictures of cows. They are such gentle creatures and they really do 'pose' nicely for a photograph

Below is the color palette that I created to go along with the summer photographs that I was  shooting. This will be how I translate my photos to my mixed media artwork and painting/drawing.



Color Palette~

Summer Surprise by, Susan.Weckesser


So take your camera and go and enjoy the summer sun!

Happy shooting!



Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Playing with Beach Glass

colored glass & glass

I had fun playing with a handful of colored beach and a wine glass for a photo shoot. It was amazing to see the different effects that I could achieve by placing the camera in different spots and using natural light to enhance the color of the beach glass.

glass in glass

I used an open window as a background in this setting where in the other shots I enjoys the contrast of the dark flooring against the bright colors of the glass.

colored glass

It is so amazing how something so simply can be so beautiful!


Monday, May 23, 2011


swallow feeding (2)

North Rough-Winged Swallow

What an awesome time to take some wonderful pictures of birds as right now in North America when they are busy migrating to their nesting spots, they are on the move, and they are busy looking for food to eat. So right now your will find a lot of different varieties of birds to take pictures of right around you.


Pelican 8

American White Pelican

When taking pictures of birds keep your camera on a fast setting such as a sports setting so you can catch details such flapping of the wings. If you don't have a good zoom setting or landscape setting on your camera, your can try using the macro setting on your camera to catch detail on long distance shots. Play around with your camera to see what setting works best for you.

Have fun and enjoy the birds this season!

Happy shooting!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Catching Up!

I had fun doing a little color editing with this picture. We had to go up to Edmonton this past week and we were behind this man driving a convertible with his dog. I only had my Apple itouch & I was quite a distance from him so the picture was as clear as I would like it. So instead of worrying about sharpness I just edited out the color & put back a brighter red. I then distressed it for a fun grunge look. I love it because it reminds me of how much fun I think the man & the dog were having at the time!

I had fun playing with the color with in this shot too. By doing this it makes the old buildings pop!

By altering your colors a little you can direct where you want your viewers eyes to go.
Next time your editing, give it a try. See what you can do with some different colors.


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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Say Cheese Mr. Kestrel.



The first couple of months of this years have disappeared and I must apologize for not blogging here for awhile. I have been taking a lot of pictures but for some reason they haven't made it here….they make it everywhere else. I really wanted to post this beautiful photo of this Kestrel that I took the other day while my family and I where walking around Kin Coulee Park in Medicine Hat, Alberta. The bird was out hunting in the early evening. Believe it or not I had to use my Macro setting to get up and personal to this bird that was about 30 feet above on the cliffs. With the sun setting, the distance, and the size of the bird…the best setting at the moment was Macro. It was so fun to watch them flying around do free.

So….I have been having fun taking pictures and editing them on my Apple iTouch. This week I received a twitter saying that I was on the front page of the #iPhonesia Daily ( an App that has a daily paper on the computer.) I thought that was pretty cool since I have only been doing this for just over two months. I was actually excited, even though I am way down on the bottom corner of the front page…I am there.  So, I wanted to share some of the pictures that I have taken and created with my iTouch.

The #iPhonesia Daily

#color 2            

Instagram - susankweckesser 138 photos · 49 followers“I am having so much fun doodling with my new markers from @KuretakeUK ! Woohoo! #doodling , #color , #iphonesia ” Susan k is using Instagram - a fun & quir...









image      image

Have a super creative week!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The wonders of technology…..





So, why am I showing you these 3 photographs? Because I fell in love with them and they were so easy to create if you have an IPOD touch, phone, or pad from  Apple. I couldn't believe it! It got an IPOD for Christmas and before I knew it I was finding all kinds of neat photography and color 'apps' .  I was creating cute little photos that almost look like pieces of art that I would have on my walls! So awesome and fun! However, this gadget will not be taking over the spot of my digital camera any time soon as it seems to lack in departments such as sharpness. That being said…the pictures do have remarkably good color and clarity! It is a neat thing to have if you want to take a quick photo!20110110_25

              "  This was the before shot that I took with my

                                    IPOD Touch. I then edited with applications into the three

different pictures



Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beautiful Pink…..


radishes 1

radishes 3

 radishes 4radishes 2

Who knew that creating a salad could be so much fun! I love living in a world where you can find color, beauty and whimsy in everything if you just take the time to look. Everything, however big or small, simple, plain or fancy, is beautiful!

My problem is that I see things so differently when I am creating and taking pictures, and so even making something simple like a salad can take me a very long time!

Happy picture taking and remember to look for beauty in even the simply everyday things!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Breaks Over…..


Swimming fun too!

Well, I took a short break from this blog for the last few weeks. I had a lot on the go with Christmas, company, articles, and a fun trip down to California for CHA. I am back and ready to get back into my routine. I just put up my new photography goals and before I officially start with it, I just had to post this adorable photograph that I had fun editing. My Son clicked the snapshot while out with some friends here in Medicine hat. I love how the colors of the girls hair just want to melt together…so awesome! Well,  I look forward to another great year of snapshots and like always I look forward to hearing from you!