Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The wonders of technology…..





So, why am I showing you these 3 photographs? Because I fell in love with them and they were so easy to create if you have an IPOD touch, phone, or pad from  Apple. I couldn't believe it! It got an IPOD for Christmas and before I knew it I was finding all kinds of neat photography and color 'apps' .  I was creating cute little photos that almost look like pieces of art that I would have on my walls! So awesome and fun! However, this gadget will not be taking over the spot of my digital camera any time soon as it seems to lack in departments such as sharpness. That being said…the pictures do have remarkably good color and clarity! It is a neat thing to have if you want to take a quick photo!20110110_25

              "  This was the before shot that I took with my

                                    IPOD Touch. I then edited with applications into the three

different pictures