Saturday, April 30, 2011

Say Cheese Mr. Kestrel.



The first couple of months of this years have disappeared and I must apologize for not blogging here for awhile. I have been taking a lot of pictures but for some reason they haven't made it here….they make it everywhere else. I really wanted to post this beautiful photo of this Kestrel that I took the other day while my family and I where walking around Kin Coulee Park in Medicine Hat, Alberta. The bird was out hunting in the early evening. Believe it or not I had to use my Macro setting to get up and personal to this bird that was about 30 feet above on the cliffs. With the sun setting, the distance, and the size of the bird…the best setting at the moment was Macro. It was so fun to watch them flying around do free.

So….I have been having fun taking pictures and editing them on my Apple iTouch. This week I received a twitter saying that I was on the front page of the #iPhonesia Daily ( an App that has a daily paper on the computer.) I thought that was pretty cool since I have only been doing this for just over two months. I was actually excited, even though I am way down on the bottom corner of the front page…I am there.  So, I wanted to share some of the pictures that I have taken and created with my iTouch.

The #iPhonesia Daily

#color 2            

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Have a super creative week!