{ my photography journal}

You don't take a photograph. You ask, quietly, to borrow it. ~Author Unknown 

As summer quickly come to an end & school and busy schedules begin in many households, it becomes harder and harder to do the things things that you love to do. I know that as a mom during a hectic school year some days past by so quickly that some days I look back and think to myself  'gee whiz, I didn't even have a chance to get out and do some picture taking'. I love my photography...it is a chance for me to unwind! So, this fall I have decided to start a Autumn  Photography Journal. Every week I will set a goal of a certain subject, object, theme, place ,or event that I have to photograph. I want to challenge myself to photograph these things in many different ways and then take the time to express my feeling about the photographs. 

I invite you to try this with me. Life is so hectic sometimes and I really find that that photography is such a great stress relief. Talking & sharing with other people what you see through the lens of a camera can be such a neat experience and it doesn't matter what kind of camera that you might have!

August 29- September5: Everything Red
September 6- September 12: Outdoor Sports
September 13- September 19: :Small Creatures (macro or close-up)
September 20- September 26: Old Buildings
September 27- October 3 : School Days & Books
October 4- October 10: Harvest Time 
October 11- October 17: Fall Foliage
October 18- October 24: Old Mother Hubbard
October 25- October 31: All spooky things
November 1- November 7: Old Macdonald
November 8- November 14: Water, water everywhere
November 15-November 21: Pioneers
November 22- November 28: Pets Galore
November 29- December 5: Bridges
December 6- December 12: Christmas Traditions 
December 13- December 19: Twinkle,twinkle little light!
December 20- December 26: EMOTIONS
December 27- January 2: New Beginnings

Let's see what we can go & stay tune for more! :)

February 14- February 20: Blushing Pink
February 21- February 27: Old Tyme Furniture
February 28- March 6:  A little snow fun!
March 7- March 13: Luck of the Irish
March 14- March 20: Baking Fun
March 21-March 27:  Sky fun & Changing Cloud shapes
March 28- April 3: Pets of all kinds
April 4- April 10: Human emotions
April 11- April 17: First springs of Spring
April 22 :Earth Day
April 18- April 24: Easter
April 25- May 1: Macro setting
May 2- May 8: Something purple
May 9- May 15: Mom, grandma, sisters, girlfriend, we love
May 16 -May 22: Fruits & veggies
May 23- May29: action shots
May 30- June 5: parks and playgrounds
June 5 - June 12: Water fun
June 13- June19: Our Dads
June 20- June 27: end of school 

Susie :)