Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beautiful Pink…..


radishes 1

radishes 3

 radishes 4radishes 2

Who knew that creating a salad could be so much fun! I love living in a world where you can find color, beauty and whimsy in everything if you just take the time to look. Everything, however big or small, simple, plain or fancy, is beautiful!

My problem is that I see things so differently when I am creating and taking pictures, and so even making something simple like a salad can take me a very long time!

Happy picture taking and remember to look for beauty in even the simply everyday things!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Breaks Over…..


Swimming fun too!

Well, I took a short break from this blog for the last few weeks. I had a lot on the go with Christmas, company, articles, and a fun trip down to California for CHA. I am back and ready to get back into my routine. I just put up my new photography goals and before I officially start with it, I just had to post this adorable photograph that I had fun editing. My Son clicked the snapshot while out with some friends here in Medicine hat. I love how the colors of the girls hair just want to melt together…so awesome! Well,  I look forward to another great year of snapshots and like always I look forward to hearing from you!