Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gotta Luv Rhonna Designs……Oh, and BEARS!

Sunshine Bear1a

I have been having SO much fun playing with the digital elements created by Rhonna Farrer. You can find all of her work at Rhonna Designs.  I have to admit I am really quite new to the digital world. I LOVE taking pictures…….ASK MY POOR FAMILY!!!!! However, I am a beginner in the world of Digital Scrapbooking! So when I was asked by Rhonna to be part of her design team I was both thrilled and terrified! I can edit a picture with no problem, but to use digital element in new and different ways……..well, lets just say, I am learning! Rhonna is wonderful though! Her work is amazing and she really is so 'inspiring'! So, it has been a pleasure to learn and create in this digital world!

I had fun this summer taking THOUSANDS of new pictures. When we went to Waterton and were camping within two days we happened upon 15 bears! Imagine that! They were all so calm and peaceful. Just eating berries and minding their own business! For the above picture I used the Honey Comb Pieces Kit from Rhonna Designs. You really have to check out her lovely shop.

Honeycomb Pieces Kit

This bear that I happened upon below was a little older then the one I I found above. He was happy munching on some Saskatoon berries. These pictures weren't taken too far from our campsite but the bears never bothered us. They were more then happy with their berries!

Oh, just to let you know.. I used I 20x zoom lens to get this shot and I was inside a vehicle parked in a parking lot! I really believe bears are safe at a distance, but like anyone or anything, they want a little privacy and respect. We all have BAD days. They are wild creatures. DON"T approach animals just to get a GOOD shot even if they look like a teddy bear.


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