Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Musical Ladybug Pics

ladybug on bow

ladybug on bow 1

While practicing my violin in the garden I was delighted by many small visitors who came to listen, or so I would like to believe! So as you can imagine my practice turned into a fantastic photo shoot with these great little guys and another great picture for my RED THEME. I love using my MACRO SETTING and taking some fun picture of tiny things.  I did some editing with Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 just to highlight the whites in the background and bring out the natural red of the ladybug.


  m3730101_bs_127x145_R_PSPPX3_generic      m3770078_bs_127x145_R_CDGSX5

If you have never used these programs before , these companies often offer a free trial offer where you can download the program for free and give a try for usually thirty days. I recommend that you give it a try first and see how you like it.

Have some fun relaxing and creating!