Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Editing Heritage Photos


sussex child

                             Distant cousin in Surrey, England

sussex england

                          Great, great, Grandparents in Sussex, England

Dad on horse in Cresent, Oklahoma












                                    My Dad visiting Houston when he was a boy.

With all the new technology that has come out over the last few years it is possible to restore and edit photos from years ago. I love taking pictures that have been left to me and restoring them, playing with and creating with. They are all precious to me and with the help of computers I can help them last a lot longer. I can erase tears and scratches, clear and sharpen pictures and even color black and white photos if I want to. It really is fun. There are so many programs to chose from, like Corel Paint shop and Adobe Photo shop. If you don't have the program these companies offer trial download so you can give the program a try before you buy it! So cool!

Happy editing!